We forge valuable relationships through integral and sustainable solutions according to the following guidelines:

  • Comply with operational excellence that optimize our processes, making our company more competitive, considering the risk of not being.
  • Comply beyond our customers quality requirements, on-time deliveries, critical and safety features, legal and commercial requests delivering a value proposal that will enhance their value chain.
  • Comply with our staff, giving the training and preparation necessary to always deliver the best service to our customers with the most advanced technology in our processes and focused in the use of innovation for the implementation of disruptive processes.
  • Comply with the environment protection; preventing pollution through the sustainable and rational use of the resources, complying with the current environmental legislation and other requirements relevant to our organizational context through the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the Management Systems, processes and environmental performance.
  • Comply with our stockholders, rewarding their financial expectations with economic benefits and profitability with risk measurement according to the market behavior.


Edgar A. Moncayo Mata
General Manager